Frequently asked questions

  • Q.When was the company established?

    A.In June 2000.

  • Q.When was the stock listed?

    A.On March 13, 2013.

  • Q.On which market is it listed?

    A.On Mothers.

  • Q.What is the company's securities code?

    A.It is 3182.

  • Q.What is the unit of stock transactions?

    A.It is 100 shares.

  • Q.When is the company's fiscal year end?

    A.It is in March.

  • Q.When are the annual financial results announced?

    A.In mid-May each year.

  • Q.When is the annual general meeting of shareholders held?

    A.At the end of June of each year.

  • Q.Are shareholders eligible for any benefits with regard to company products?

    A.We offer exclusive merchandise to shareholders with holdings of 100 shares or more on September 30 of each year.