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Marketing expertise in the following areas!

・Advertising new products and services to a wider audience.
・Targeting female customers in their 30s and 40s.
・Sales promotions aimed at female customers with small children.

Ad Oisix list of services

Note: Prior to publication or inclusion, we check that all advertising, including insertions and tie-ups, comply with Oisix's safety and quality standards.

  • Flyer insertions (product sampling also available)

    Summary: We include up to 100,000 copies of your company's advertising targeted at subscribers to our regular home delivery service.
    Many of our customers are "DINKs", or working mothers in their 30s and 40s with high disposable incomes, who are willing to pay premium prices for high quality products and services.

    Duration: From 50,000 copies / week *Audience segments, etc. are negotiable.

    Results: High response rates (e.g. average of 0.3 to 0.4 % in natural and organic cosmetics!) Increases in repeat purchase rates and high unit prices are typically achieved. We have achieved positive results in many categories, such as basic skin care products, hair care, makeup, clothing, exclusive sales for members only, home delivery laundry services, housekeeping services, and recipe books.

  • Banners

    Advertising placed on: 【Computer】 Order complete and cancellation pages, length 125 × width 640 px
    【Smartphone】 Order complete and cancellation pages, length 81 × width 300 px

    Number of frames: 2 frames

    Posting period: 1 week

    Specifications: ■ Capacity: 50 KB or less ■ Up to 2 images permitted ■ Animated GIFs and Flash permitted (consult us about production expenses) *Changes of creative content charged separately. *Please consult advertising specifications for details.

  • Tie-up advertising

    • Tie-up basic plan

      Summary: We raise the profile of your company through tie-up advertising of your products.
      Duration: 6 weeks

    • Tie-up sales plan

      Summary: We raise the profile of your company through tie-up advertising of your products. We also encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty by selling the products via
      Duration: 2 months

    • Sampling + questionnaire plan

      Summary: You can offer product samples or trial surveys of young working mothers who are interested in food and cooking.(Sampling + questionnaire without a tie-up page)
      Duration: Negotiable

    • Questionnaire plan

      Summary: Useful for marketing your company's products and services (including customer surveys prior to posting advertisements, or for improving existing products, or product development).
      Duration: Negotiable

  • Information request services

    Summary: Information and document requests targeted at subscribers of the "Oisix Club" regular food delivery service.
    We provide registration information from the Oisix member database to give you the details necessary for sending out reference material or service guides.

    Duration: Fixed cost for 2 weeks, duration of affiliate advertising negotiable.

An example of a company using our services

  • P.G.C.D. JAPAN, Inc.

    We asked Oisix ra daichi to include our product flyers in their delivery items to advertise P.G.C.D. products to a wider audience.

Other clients (alphabetical order)

Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd. / Suntory Liquors Ltd. / Suntory Beer Ltd. / Dyson Ltd. / Panasonic Corporation / Marutomo Co., Ltd. / Unilever Japan Co., Ltd., and many others